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Compared with other cities its size, the Queen of Hill stations is relatively safe, Major tourist areas in and around Mussoorie are safe. The streets can be easily walked at night.

However, some basic knowledge of the area before you go can significantly increase your enjoyment of your visit to the region.

We've developed a list of "Do's and Dont's" based on our own experience.

Don't take a lot of cash with you: There are many ATM's of almost all major banks in Nainital.

Driving in hilly area is risky, always keep control of your speed especially in the curves if possible avail services of a driver.

In Hilly road please dont take over form the wrong side as its is very risky.

Mussoorie has an enormous range of weather conditions, as it can be largely warm and hot in summer (day time), and mild to pleasant cold in winters. Like any hill station Mussoorie, experiences unpredictable and sudden changes in weather. Do check the type of clothing and other equipment you may require for the season you are visiting.

Always keep your Identity Card to avoid hasselment in hotels. etc..

Do try to get away from the taxis/cars, Use vehicles to a minimum. Mussoorie is hectic and exhausting, but ultimately safe and exciting and known for its salubrious climate and scenic beauty. Just walk. Some of your best experiences will come at unexpected turns.

Do not encourage beggars and always beaware of strangers.

While on Hills / Hill slopes & forests trekking avoid throwing cigarette buts on leaf litter as they are an important cause for forest fires.

Do not park car on the Mall Road. Mall Road is a No Parking area. Violation of this restriction is an offence.

Dispose all litter carefully. The use of Plastic Polythene Bags is banned.

Avoid loud music and noise.

Do respect people's privacy while taking photographs. Ask for prior permission before taking a photograph.

While traveling to high Hills always carry Camera, goggles and Sun screen lotion (Binoculars are optional).

Do live the dream, relax and enjoy your time in Mussoorie.


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